Current Investments

Allure Media

Allure Media

Allure Media partners with leading international publishers to produce Australian editions of targeted websites. Its technology network Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker is read by more than one million Australian unique browsers every month and its women's lifestyle network PopSugar, FabSugar, BellaSugar,and Defamer is changing the way young women view websites.

The Video Company


The Video Company (TVC) has brought the world’s leading video monetisation technology to Australia. TVC consists of two divisions, The Video Network (TVN®) and The Video Platform (TVP®). TVN® is an Internet TV network, designed to provide targeting that traditional TV cannot offer and engage audiences through interactive ad formats. TVP® provides a suite of management tools designed to help publishers increase revenues and successfully make the transition into internet television.

TVN® and TVP® are connecting advertisers and publishers with audiences who are increasingly watching video content across a variety of screens. With digital broadcast being the fastest growing sector within the digital ad space, TVC allows advertisers the opportunity to deliver cross-platform video ad campaigns on smartphones, tablets, PC, IPTV, and more.